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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UNC Protestors Needs to Learn From JFK's Quote

This is a follow up on the quote of the day from earlier.

Dozens of protestors turned out to oppose a speech given by a former Colorado congressman, who was on campus to speak against illegal immigration.

Tancredo didn't make it through his talk. In fact, he left campus early after protesters interrupted his speech and broke a window.

Protesters who weren't allowed into the room where the speech was being given gathered outside the door and chanted, "There's no debate, no space for hate."

This is just one example of those opposing the liberal ideology being silenced from expressing their views.

Those who went to hear him speak were clearly upset. "Obviously there wasn't a point," one attendee said. "He wasn't going to be allowed to speak."

There usually isn't an actual point that the protesters have. Many times this is because they have no real justification or ability to back up their beliefs, so they just drown out the conservative voices by speaking louder and engaging in meaningless violence.

Tancredo said it best:

"There is no freedom of speech on hundreds of university campuses today for people who dare to dissent from the radical political agenda of the socialist left and the open borders agitators."

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