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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

N. Korea's "Dear Leader" Allegedly Cried Because He Wasted Money On Dud Rocket Instead of Food

North Korean Media: Kim Jong-Il Sobbed During Rocket Launch

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

North Korea's state-run media reported Tuesday that Kim Jong-Il shed tears of regret during the country's controversial rocket launch because he could not use the launch funds to provide aid to his people, the AFP reported.

The country on Tuesday also released footage of the weekend launch, along with the first video of Kim since his reported stroke in August, according to South Korean media.

Kim "felt regret for not being able to spend more money on the people's livelihoods and was choked with sobs," AFP quoted ruling communist party paper Rodong Sinmun as saying.

"Chants of jubilation are reverberating throughout the country on the news that our satellite is beaming back the 'Song of General Kim Il-Sung' and the 'Song of General Kim Jong-Il,'" the paper said, according to AFP.

State-run television aired video of an apparently healthy leader mingling with farmers and watching bears at the zoo.

What the TV didn't show was just as notable: footage of the "Dear Leader" during the 3 1/2 months after he is believed to have suffered a stroke that sparked fears of a succession crisis in the poor, nuclear-armed nation.

Kim, 67, is expected to make a triumphant public return when he presides over the first session of the country's new parliament Thursday for re-election as chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission.

North Korea claims Sunday's rocket launch shot a satellite into space, where it allegedly is playing melodious odes to Kim and his late father, who founded the reclusive communist country.

The U.S. and South Korea, however, say the rocket's second and third stages fell into the Pacific Ocean with the payload still attached. They say the launch was a cover for testing long-range missile technology.

Exclusive footage obtained Tuesday by APTN in Pyongyang showed a white rocket with "Chosun," the name North Koreans use for their country, emblazoned on the side in red. The 20-second clip shows the rocket blasting off, then blazing eastward across the sky.



My Thoughts

Supposedly, "Dear Leader" cried because he wasted money on his rocket rather than on food for the starving poor in his country. That made me laugh so hard I spit out my coffee. It is a joke to think that he actually cared when every action says the complete opposite.

If you ask any of the starving peasants in N. Korea, which would you rather have a satellite in space or food for dinner. I guarantee you that most would go for the food. If N. Korea's dictator really cared about his people, he wouldn't of wasted the money he's using for his "space program" and gave the money instead to his impoverished citizens. The truth is that their "Dear Leader" couldn't care less about whether or not his people's stomachs were full everyday.

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