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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inevitable: Turncoat Caucus' Specter Stabs GOP in the Back

Specter's voting record looks more like the voting record of a Democrat anyway. So, yesterday's news wasn't a surprise.

Veteran Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter told colleagues Tuesday that he switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party, Sen. Harry Reid says.

[Democrats] are trying very hard for the 60th vote. Got to give them credit for trying. But the answer is no.

He knows that he has little to no shot at winning the Republican primary because of his "yes" votes on Obama's porkulus and overspending bills. The only shot that he has to win another term is to turn Democrat. A win in the Democratic party isn't a sure thing either, but it's more likely than a GOP victory.

He went on to blame the his former partymates for him betraying the party he has been with since the Reagan years. He claims that the GOP "has moved far to the right."

It wasn't any of the "social issues" that landed Specter in trouble with the party. It was the basic Republican tenet of fiscal responsibility that he abandoned that led to his downfall in the party. There is nothing "far right" about fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility is one of the big issues that Obama campaigned on, and Obama isn't "far right" by any stretch of the imagination.

It wasn't the his party that abandoned Specter. It was Specter that abondoned the GOP when he voted for the Democrats' porkulus bill.

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