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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Napolitano Receives Heat Over "Blame Canada" Rhetoric, DHS Report, Appeasing Terrorists

People used to not know anything or care about Janet Napolitano, 43% had no opinion of her when he chose her. Today, after blaming half of the country of being "extremists" and appeasing terrorists by calling terrorism "man-made disasters" for a couple months, it's a totally different story:

Forty-five percent (45%) of U.S. voters now have an unfavorable opinion of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano following her department's release of a controversial report on right-wing extremist groups last week. Twenty-three percent (23%) say their view of her is Very Unfavorable.

Who knew that insulting about half of the nation and all veterans would make people not like you very much?

After criticism mounted over her "right-wing extremism" report, she finally admitted her mistake:

Napolitano on Thursday acknowledged the criticism and reiterated that the extremist report was "not well written" and should not have been released in that form. She said she would meet with the leadership of the American Legion on Friday over the reference to returning war veterans.

Of course, it shouldn't have been "released in that form" beacause it was "not well-written". Didn't your lawyers tell you that before the report was even released?

Her South Park inspired "Blame Canada" approach to stopping terrorists from getting into our country really inflamed our neighbors to the north. Her assumption that some of 9/11 hijackers came into the US over the Canadian border was in direct conflict with evidence found in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Napolitano's performance has led some to wonder if she should resign or be fired. She's managed to upset about half of the US, Canadians, and the US military. At this pace, it won't be long until we have yet another failed Obama appointment.

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  1. Sometimes, I wonder if that woman is brain damaged. How can someone be so ignorant and stupid? How the hell did she get in such function, and I thought the government officials were supposed to be representatives of their nation and people. But she just seems to represent the stupidity around the world. Unbelievable...