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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great News: SF Mayor Newsom Running For CA Governor: Just When We Thought California Couldn't Go Further Left

Great news is coming in fresh off the presses:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has made it official—he's running to become California's next governor.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is a ultra-liberal Democrat. He has led the city of San Francisco into a liberal wonderland of universal healthcare, all but totally legalized pot, sanctuary city policies on steroids, and same-sex marriage. He did all this while bulding a amazing deficit of $576 million This respresents the "worst fiscal crisis in the city since the Great Depression". Now, he wants to do the same with the state of California.


California is on the verge of bankruptcy now. If elected, Newsom will just go ahead and push California the rest of the way into the Pacific.

With regards to the universal healthcare plan, he said this to say in a recent interview:

In fact, last week we just announced we’ve increased the opportunity for people earning up to $106,000 for a family of four. Expanding our universal health plan for people earning up to 500 percent of poverty.

Does a family making over $100 K a year really need socialized healthcare, or is it a waste of money? Considering that San Francisco is over half of a billion in the hole every year, I would go with a waste of money.

The Imperial Valley Staff sums it all up nicely:

We applaud anyone for stepping up and running, and are pleased to see some youthful energy. But we believe Newsom represents the exact thing that has gotten California into such a financial hole. We need someone who will make tough choices in serving the people, not embrace huge new government programs and taxes, which could certainly happen under Newsom if his record is any indication.

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