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Friday, April 3, 2009

Barney Frank Derides Price (R-GA), GOP About Having "Psychological Disorder"

My Thoughts

I have a few comments. First of all, Franks says that he isn't qualified to say what kind of psychological disorder the Republicans have, but apparently he's qualified to diagnose that they have a disorder. What? If he isn't qualified to diagnose what specific disorder it is, he can't be qualified to diagnose that they have one in the first place.

Second, Franks keeps on saying that Rep. Price is missing the point, and it fighting an issue that is over a month old. In doing so, Franks implies that Price and the Republicans are trying to stop the bill that cancels out the Dodd-AIG amendment.

However, it seems to be Rep. Franks that is missing the point. It isn't that they are against it. It is that they want to keep this type of thing from happening again and make Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats' keep the promise they made of being the most transparent government ever.

They want time to be able to read 1,000 page bills to find stuff that shouldn't be in there and take it out. Congress just wasted time having to draw up another bill canceling out the Dodd-AIG amendment that wouldn't have been wasted with a little more prudence on the Democrats' part. If the Democrats wouldn't have been in a hurry to shove their porkulus bill down our throats before we knew what they were really up to, there would've been no need to "beat the dead horse". Obama promised that any bill before Congress will be available to the public for at least five days before it was signed into law. That was definitely not the case with the porkulus bill.

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