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Sunday, April 5, 2009

David Axelrod: Bush More of a "Statesman" Than Cheney, To Axelrod: Define Statesman

My Thoughts

This again shows what it actually takes for a Democrat to compliment and like a Republican. They need to shut up and let them do what they want.

The main difference between what Bush and Cheney have done since leaving office is that Bush has refused to say anything about what he thinks of Obama's plans and policies. On the other hand, Cheney hasn't been shy to tell anyone that will listen that he doesn't like what Obama has been doing so far.

In response to what Axelrod actually said about Al-Quaeda still being around after 7 years, it is a fact that they haven't been able to hit us domestically since 9/11. Is that fact lost on him? While it is true that they are still around, their ability to actually pull something significant off has been severely crippled. They have been virtually impotent over the last 7 years. They've been mostly cornered in a small part of Pakistan. The only reason why we can't go into Pakistan and retrieve them is that it would mean invading a third country and adding another stage to the War on Terror. We are just not able to pull it off militarily or willing to ostracize an ally.

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