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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Goracle Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Bernie Madoff, Has He Looked in a Mirror Lately?

The Goracle had some strong words of rebuke for those who would dare to challenge the prophecy of the Goracle of Global Warming:

Former VP Al Gore compared scientists who question global warming with indicted stock swindler Bernie Madoff Friday, arguing that they are all guilty of perpetuating a fraud.

During testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the VP turned environmental advocate got into a brief verbal tussle with global warming skeptic Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) who questioned Gore’s statistics about carbon emissions.

“It is important to look at sources of science you rely on,” Gore told Barton. “With all due respect, I believe you have relied on people you have trusted who have given you bad information. I don’t blame the investors who trusted Bernie Madoff but he gave them bad information.”

Many believe that Al Gore could be the "Bernie Madoff" of the Global Warming racket. They say that he's misleading people in order to sell books and get speaking engagements. Some wonder if he believes what he preaches. He talks about everyone minimizing their carbon footprint, but he travels the world in private jets, and uses an obsessive amount of electricity according to reports. On Earth Hour, his lights were on while the other environmentalists preached turning ALL electricity off for the entire hour.

There is a lot of money to be made converting this country into a green economy. As I said earlier today, the shorter the timetable the more costly the conversion will be.

They are banking on people's fear of armageddon. They preach doom and gloom, and tell stories of the earth turning into an oven in order to scare people. Out of fear, they will then accept the high costs in order to save themselves from literally baking in the sun.

I'm not saying that he is intentionally misleading the public for his own personal gain, but there is evidence that suggests just that. I definitely have my doubts and suspicions.

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