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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congress Celebrated Obama's 100th Day With Spending Spree, Pelosi Uses New Fuzzy Math

Both the House and Senate passed this boondoggle of a spending bill to pave the way for universal healthcare:

Congress has wrapped up work on a compromise $3.4 trillion budget outline aimed at helping advance President Barack Obama's ambitious agenda despite staggering government deficits.

The Senate's 53-43 vote to pass the measure followed House action earlier Wednesday.

The votes to adopt the nonbinding budget blueprint are only a first step toward Obama's goal of providing health care coverage for all Americans.

Nancy Pelosi had a very confusing comment on the passage of this enormous spending frenzy:

"It's a budget that reduces taxes, lowers the deficit and creates jobs."

Um..Whatever Pelosi is on, give me some.

If the government spends more money than any other administration in history, the money has to come from somewhere. They will have to raise taxes in order to pay for their agenda. There no way around that unless they want to borrow more from China. If they borrow money from China, the deficit will increase not decrease. More than like they will have to raise taxes and create a higher deficit.

The spending might create a few jobs, but a significant enough amount to make a difference in the economy.

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