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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CNN Reporter Misses Spendapalooza Forest For Tax Trees

Objective CNN Reporter to Chicago Tea Party Attendee: ‘Why Are You Complaining? Don’t You Know Obama Gave Your State Billions in the Stimulus!?”



My Thoughts

It's not like Obama took it out of his own pocket. He took $ from my kids and grandkids to waste on meaningless pork projects.

As Emanuel pointed out, it's not just about taxes. It's about the misuse of our tax dollars by both Democrats and Republicans.

The bailouts that were started by Bush and expanded by Obama was just the start. The porkulus bill that will only stimulate the growth of the Democratic party with no real help for the economy was beyond atrocious.

It's about the national debt doubling in the Bush years and on pace to triple during the Obama years assuming he's re-elected.

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