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Friday, April 17, 2009

Texas, Arizona No Sanctuary Bills: Law Enforcement Will Actually Enforce Laws

Texas and Arizona are considering bills to ban cities from enacting "sanctuary policies" that discourage them from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Witnesses testified Wednesday before a Texas Senate committee for a bill aimed at "sanctuary cities" like Austin and Houston that tell police officers to avoid determining the immigration status of those they deal with, the Houston Chronicle reported.

That's a radical idea by those "extremists" in Texas and Arizona. The FBI needs to start an investigation on them. This is exactly the type of extremism that Napilitano was talking about. Imagine, law enforcement actually enforcing laws. That's unheard of in the Age of Obama. Stop them!

Oops! Sorry, Nancy Pelosi just invaded my body for a moment.

These bills would be a great step in curbing violence by criminals from south of the border. The Mexican drug cartels have brought the violence to our cites and neighborhoods. Maybe the Governator and Richardson will push for similar bills in California and New Mexico where illegal immigrant and drug cartel is, also, leaking through into the US as much as it is in Texas and Arizona.

Probably not. They're too beholden to the left to push for that.

I'm not against immigrants just the ones that break laws and endanger our lives. Both hearings had weighed in horrific crimes committed by illegals that the "sanctuary cities" wouldn't turn over to ICE.


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